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Bring life to work
It’s the rise of people engagement

Happiness at work isn’t the cause of employee engagement. It’s the result. At Rise, they know it, they feel it and it’s what drives them. Engaged employees are change agents. They inspire others, view failure as an opportunity for learning, and achieve more in their role and for their company. They’re changing how work happens—and how people work—through people management solutions that seamlessly integrate and can scale up with a company as they rise up. Mindlite provided video production services for Rise.

Help your employees grow.

Employees are your lifeblood. Show them the value of their contributions with timely, transparent reviews.

Find your next hire, faster

People power business. Rise makes it beyond simple for you to recruit, evaluate, and hire the very best people.

Spend more time on growing your business.

Let teams manage their own schedules and shifts. With compliance built-in, all you have to do is approve.